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Benefits related to using Temporary and Contingent Labor Staff Members

Hiring temporary/contingent staff members is the new "on-demand workforce".  This flexible and cost saving solution is an excellent way to utilize highly skilled professionals on short and long term projects, without the overhead of a permanent employee.  Our temporary supply chain professionals can easily manage the day-to-day operation responsibilities related to covering for a leave of absence, picking up the overflow demands during peak periods or to simply be hired a "temporary to permanent solution" to ensure right fit for both parties.

Here at Jace, as supply chain staffing solution professionals, we pride ourselves in our ability to source and identify the best candidates in the marketplace.

Our payroll services offer a full array of benefits to our temporary/contingent labor associates. These benefits include 

  • Direct Deposit
  • Health Care Insurance 
  • Life Insurance
  • Select Paid Holidays (from Jace Consulting Company)
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance

To place an order for a temporary staff member, click on Employer .

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